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Grocery Associate Job Description


There are no classes on becoming a grocer, so we’re going to learn together.  As we become more comfortable, more confident with will become more professional and a tight knit team. Come join us on this journey!


As a Grocery Associate your basic expectations are detailed in the outline that follows.


Customer Service – is critical to our success and you’re responsible to demonstrate radically better customer service by:

  • Greet customers with a friendly, helpful message.

  • Implementing the 5 steps to Make It Right when a customer has a problem with our products or services (if you are unfamiliar, we will go over this in training).

  • Answer customer questions, or find someone who can

  • Offer recipe suggestions, substitutions, and replacements as needed

  • Demonstrate excellent service, every day, with every customer.

  • Approach your work with a sense of urgency


Stocking and Inventory – your responsibilities for getting product in a sellable location includes:

  • Evaluating fresh items for quality and freshness

  • Keep the receiving area tidy and ready to receive order at all times.

  • Checking sell-by dates on sensitive items

  • Maintain product movement from the back door to the sales floor

  • Monitor the quality of items received at the back door

  • Efficiently loading carts of product in the back room/down stairs and unloading them correctly on the selling floor

  • Performing final preparations on items not yet ready for sale

  • Attaching correct labels

  • Re-packing items into appropriate containers

  • Cutting, packaging, and labeling produce, grocery and bakery items

  • Maintaining shelf labels

  • Monitoring produce ripening programs and adjusting as necessary

  • Stocking produce

  • Performing opening and closing duties

  • Maintaining adequate levels of stock though out the day

  • Caring for the appropriate storage of fruits and vegetables

  • Trimming and preparing produce items for sale

  • Culling, monitoring quality, and mitigating waste

  • Storing excess items in appropriate places

  • Monitoring movement of up-stock and back-stock

  • Regularly checking refrigerated and frozen stock levels and monitor correct temperature in refrigerators and freezers.

  • Managing up-stock and back-stock

  • Design and build merchandising displays


Cleaning – Don’t worry, we’ve made cleaning fun, sort of. All you need to do is:

  • Take care of spills, broken glass, and damaged product immediately.  Or seek help in doing so.

  • Following directional priorities established by the Manager

  • Understand Health Department regulations and make sure we follow them


Communication – It’s essential that we communicate with each other.  A Produce/ Grocery staff member needs to:

  • Communicate clearly with team-mates and lead throughout shifts, giving regular updates on active tasks and planned shift accomplishments

  • Relay industry information, trends and product reviews on a regular basis

  • Give and receive regular positive and constructive feedback to teammates.

  • Previous knowledge of produce and grocery items

  • Interest in eating well and food preparation

  • Creativity in problem solving, selling, and customer service

  • Excellent verbal and written communication

  • Ability to take direction and work efficiently

  • Willingness to work a varied schedule including days, evenings, weekends, & holidays.

  • Mathematical proficiency and analytical business skills to perform required functions

  • Ability to repetitively lift 50 lbs, bend, stoop, and stand for long periods of time.

  • Ability to work effectively with a diverse group of people

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